Acoustic Anarchy

Venue: Unit 13, Lorong 24A
Duration: 31 August 2012 – 9 September 2012
Opening night: 31 August 2012, Friday, 730pm till late
Opening times: 3-8pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on weekends

FLABSLAB is proud to present Acoustic Anarchy,the first solo exhibition of Mr. and Mrs. Sabtotage (SBTG), also known as Mark Ong and Sue-Anne Lim. Famed for a decade of handcrafted custom sneakers and street wear under their parent company Royalefam, this exhibition marks a celebration of true originality, grit and individuality. Staying true to the artistry behind the SBTG brand - each artwork is painstakingly handmade, with instant gratification. Acoustic Anarchy celebrates this Artform, showcasing a glimpse into the expanded universe of the SBTG brand. The inspiration? 10 years of archival material and the formative inspirations of Mr. and Mrs SBTG. What then transpires is a discovery of a new journey for the next decade of SBTG.

Here's a sneak peek.


Colloquial Camouflage
(6-canvas series)

Multi-colour hand-pulled silkcreen & Gold/Silver Embroidery on Woodland
Camouflage Uniform Fabric
2 editions per canvas

Expressing informal phrases through conversations has always been part of the SBTG life and celebrating them on a piece of camouflage fabric is the way they would say phrases like, Fuck Me! Evolve beyond, Bitch Ass! World Peaceand Namaste.

United States of Punk Rock (4-canvas series)
Acryclic and Anarchy on the U.S.A Flag
Limited edition of 1 per canvas

Born and raised in Singapore and growing up in the 80's had Mr. SBTG exposed to the freedom of the American rebellion, which he worshipped. This series is an expression of the bands and songs that meant a lot to himand his generation - songs from bands like Black Flag, Ramones, Nirvana and The Misfits. This series portrays an acryclic replica of the sense of who and what these inspirations meant to Mr. SBTG and if he were a teenager once again, hewould hang these proudly in his room. Each flag is handpainted with his most meaningful lyrics from the song, and mindful of how each individual band would represent themselves if they could.

Roots Radicals
(7-print series)
Digital print on archival paper
Limited edition of 12 per print

This series of prints are digital illustrations inspired by how a fictitious boy named Lars grew up, telling a story of his childhood at different phases. These illustrations depict extreme scenarios of him growing up as a punk rocker / skateboarder and tells of his relationship with his parents. Parallels between a Mother-Son relationship and a Father-Son relationship are drawn in this series, from a Mother's unconditional love to poignant Father-Son moments - despite their inability to grasp Lars' passion for music and skateboarding, and his motto to 'live each day like the last'. It progresses to the day Lars got into trouble with authority, and culminates into a success story and a very, flashy Lars.

Acoustic Anarchy will be held at Lorong 24A Geylang, Unit 13 from 3-8pm on weekdays and 12-6pm on weekends. The official opening will be held on 24th August, Friday at 730pm and the exhibition will run until 5th September, 2012.

Pocket Projects founder Karen Tan, conceptualizers of venue sponsor The Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, expresses her enthusiasm towards Acoustic Anarchy. "We love Mark's gutsy attitude and passion for his work. He's always been about pushing the boundaries and it is befitting to house his first solo show on the edgy fringe that is Lorong 24A, situated in the underbelly of Singapore that is Geylang.

Mark's energy and passion for his work have seen him bravely marching off the Beaten Path, and having wandered off that Path ourselves, we are only too proud to house the crazy world of Mr & Mrs SBTG."

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Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee. FLABSLAB is an independent collective founded in 2011. It was started with the belief that art is collaborative and should not be just in galleries enjoyed by the privileged few. It has and will continue to collaborate with artists and designers of all disciplines and backgrounds, having fun
while doing it. It is an extension of Nerf Creative, a boutique creative agency with a portfolio of clients that includes the likes of Shell, Far East Organization, Land Transport Authority, StarHub and CapitaLand.

About SBTG
The identity SBTG was created in 2003 by Singaporean artist Mark Ong.Fuelled by his need to create a new look of sneakers, Mark started his career as a hobby sneaker painter, working out of his parents' kitchen. His first claim to fame came after he won a sneaker customizing competition on the Nike Talk Forum. His winning submission gained massive attention from the sneaker industry, and SBTG instantly became a name synonymous with the art of sneaker customization. Since then, SBTG has been invited to commission designs for Nike, DC shoes and NewBalance. SBTG sneaker customs have attracted the likes of Kobe Bryant, Mike
Shinoda and Joe Hahn of Linkin Park just to name a few. In 2010, after his travels, Mr. SBTG got inspired by traditional hand painted signs, and together with Sue, his wife and business partner, Mark embarked on a new journey as a visual artist and has since been commissioned to design and produce paintings / signs for outfits like Surrender, Facebook Singapore and also the President of Singapore, Dr Tony Tan.

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